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  • Power assisted liposuction

    Liposuction is the procedure to remove fat using a hollow cannula connected to suction machine, but do you know that there are many different types of liposuction machine that will harvest the fat and accomplish the same goal of body contorting? So... Read more


  • Skin burning sensation after liposuction due to girdle

    There are times when exercising and dieting just can’t correct some aesthetic issues or imperfections. If something is bothering you about your physical appearance and nothing has helped, then it is about time to make an appointment with a plasti... Read more


  • The importance of girdles after liposuction

    If we were to make a list of the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States and the world, liposuction would get one of the first positions. And it is easy to see why, since we all know that fat deposits on the abdomen, knees, ... Read more


  • Decreasing swelling after liposuction

    There are a lot of people, both men and women, who are trying very hard to lose the unwanted fat deposits on their bodies. But sometimes, even with a regular gym routine and a proper diet, fat can be difficult to eliminate from certain areas of the... Read more


  • I want to have liposuction to avoid exercise

    There is a continuous trend of misinformation when it comes to cosmetic surgery, particularly when it comes to surgeries like liposuction and tummy tucks. Patients routinely think that if they have a big belly or an area of excess fat, liposuction ... Read more


  • How much for the procedure for booty fat transfer

  • If you are on steroids you won't be able to have surgery

  • My name is LaKeysha Harris I have lupus do you work with patients with lupus

  • Please send Thighlift info.

Exclusive procedures done by Dr. Cortés

Dr. Cortés is very critical about his work and results. He has developed many procedures that will provide you with excellent results. The wonder breast lift is a procedure that will not only give a perky breast but also long lasting results and an implant-like look without a breast implant. The wonder breast reduction will give you a smaller breast with limited scars, an implant-like look, and beautiful fullness. The famous hourglass tummy tuck, a technique trademarked by Dr. Cortés, is the only technique that will enhance your belly and at the same time give you a very attractive curvy figure. And last but not least, the “baby got butt” procedure is highly demanded by patients. This technique is a high volume fat transfer procedure that will not only enhance your behind but will also give patients a well proportionate body.

Photo Gallery

Hundreds of before and after pictures

Dr. Cortés' work can only be better explained through the results of the hundreds of surgeries he has performed. Confirm this by visiting his impressive electronic gallery.


Financing options

Most medical insurance plans or healthcare carriers do not cover the elective aesthetic procedures that we offer. There are, however, many financing options to fit your particular situation.