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0 Comment May 22, 2017

Is my belly button in the midline

In a perfect world, everything would be in perfect harmony and perfectly symmetrical. Well, we live in an imperfect world and asymmetries are especially very common when it comes to plastic surgery. As a matter of fact, a hundred per cent, bar none, of human beings, are singularly asymmetric in some or various parts of their bodies, in more pronounced or subtle ways.

As example, have you ever wondered if your belly button is in the midline? The belly button is a scar that is formed once the umbilical cord is severed from the baby. Although, it is a normal assumption that the belly button is in the midline, many times, that is not the case. If we draw a line from the xiphoid bone all the way to the pubic area, the belly button should be right at the midline, but if we look closely at some patients who went through tummy tuck procedures, we can often see that it is not the case. I have seen a significant number of patients with belly buttons that are not exactly in the midline but that’s just simply anatomical asymmetry.

There are certain things that can be done during surgery to move the belly button towards the midline but sometimes, it may not even be needed. The patient with significant weakness of the abdominal wall can essentially have enough loose tissues so that when the muscles are brought towards the midline, the belly button actually gets shifted right at the center. Assuming your belly button list to the right side, you will need to plicate the whole abdominal wall slightly more towards the left, to put the belly button in the midline. Before surgery, I always assess the patient’s anatomy and I would call attention to this asymmetry. This way, the patient knows that after surgery, the belly button might still not be in the midline.

You need to understand that your body is not symmetric; that 100% of women have asymmetric breasts. The question is not whether you have but rather how much asymmetry you have. The same holds true with your flanks, with your abdomen, and with your fat distribution. Ultimately, the goal of plastic surgery is to make a better version of you and not a perfect you.


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