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0 Comment February 1, 2017

Brazilian butt lift 1000cc

Everybody likes the number 1,000 cc when we talk about the Brazilian buttock augmentation. There is a misconception that this is the magic number to get the best results. If we look closely, 1,000 cc means 1 L. Injecting 1 liter of pure fat on each side, not counting the hips, is a daunting task. To achieve this level of fat harvesting, the patient needs to be carrying a significant amount of weight. 1,000 cc equals a bottle of Coke. We are going to need to get 1.5 to 2 bottles of fat, in terms of volume, in order to provide you with that much enhancement. Although this is possible, this is not the norm in most patients. If you do not get pure fat, you are not going to get the best result. You will notice that in the first week or two, your buttocks will be big, but then all of a sudden your butt will shrink to half the size as the fluid is absorbed, leaving the fat injected intact.