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1 Comment February 26, 2017

Brazilian butt lift fat transfer procedure

We will discuss how the V shape is the most surgically challenging of the different shapes. In order for you to understand why the V-shaped buttock is such a difficult shape to fix, let’s say, for example, that I want to change a V shape into an A shape or hourglass shape; these are the two shapes that I like the most because they give the most impressive results and sexy figure. I cannot change the width of the bone or the muscle anatomy; the only thing I can change is the fat that is on top of this. Even if you liposuction the top of the buttock, the width will still be significant. The other point is that if I try to inject fat into the lower part of the buttock to make it as wide as an A shape, in over 95% of patients, the skin in this area is very tight. If I start injecting fat, the skin is so tight that it tends to migrate up and down. In many cases, this can distort the buttock in such a way that the results are not what the patient anticipated.

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    How much for the procedure for booty fat transfer