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0 Comment February 8, 2017

Breast augmentation asymmetries corrections

There is no question that 100% of women on earth have asymmetric breasts. When it comes to breast asymmetry based on volume, I have noticed that a 50 to 75 cc difference in volume creates a noticeable difference in breast size. It is not going to change your cup size, but it will make your breasts significantly different after surgery in terms of fullness. So, if you have asymmetric breasts and you have more than a 50 to 75 cc difference in volume, it is not wise to use the same size implant on both sides, or your breasts are going to look lopsided.

I can tell you based on a physical exam more or less how asymmetric your breasts are. For the smaller breast, we are going to use a bigger implant. So, let’s say that during consultation, we decided the 450 cc would be the maximal amount of filling that your breasts could handle. Well, I am going to put the bigger implant in the smaller breast on the left side. Then, during surgery, I am going to use a sizer. Only God can tell you the exact difference in volume.

This is why it is important to have a physical exam before surgery. Then, I can determine which side is going to have the bigger implant and which side is going to have the smaller implant. I will then use techniques like using a sizer to match the volume of your breasts and make them look similar, but remember, your breasts will never be twins, just sisters.