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0 Comment April 29, 2017


Recently, a new generation of implants called the gummy bear implant debuted into the market, offering more cohesiveness and essentially making it one of the best available implants today. A gummy bear implant has more cohesive silicone and crosslink to it, making an otherwise normally viscous gel look and feel firmer than usual. It still uses the same silicone material as its predecessors; the only difference is in the change in consistency. Regardless of the brand, gummy bear implants tend to have a more anatomical shape, and this is why during surgery, they are placed differently compared to previous generations of implants. Although gummy bear implants are less prone to rupture and leakage, it is still a possibility. Gummy bear implants also have a lot of promises in terms of quality and ability to decrease complications compared to previous generations of implants.