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0 Comment February 1, 2017

How fat transfer works

Fat transfer is a very common procedure to enhance any part of the body. As a matter of fact fat transfer is becoming an essential component of any plastic surgery including the face, body, among other areas. The fat transfer is a technique used to harvest the fat from different areas of the body using liposuction. This includes the abdomen, the flanks, the sides or any area that you have excess fat. The fat essentially survives by the surrounding blood fluid that is bathing the graft at that point. This is the reason that any stress to the fat early after it is grafted can cause significant damage to the fat. This includes infection, smoking, and pressure. Because the fat does not have its own blood supply when you apply pressure it essentially diminish the surrounding tissues perfusion to that fat in the recipient bed meaning that the fat is not going to take successfully if any given stress is provided. In about 2 weeks the fat transfer become islands of fat cells which then is taken by the body and this is the reason that after fat transfer if you gain weight the area that you transfer the fat is going to get bigger and if you lose weight the area that was transferred is going to get smaller.