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0 Comment February 1, 2017

How pressure affects your buttock results

One of the main things that anybody who underwent a Brazilian buttock augmentation is to follow instructions and avoid sitting for about 2 weeks. Two weeks appears to be a long time but there is a scientific reason behind this. For the first two weeks when the fat is transferred to the buttock this is the time where the body is actually going to either reabsorb the fat or allows the fat to be nourished with new blood supply. During a buttock augmentation a significant amount of fat is injected in the buttock for projection. We are taking about 700 cc to a 1000 cc’s on average for projection. When we inject that amount of fat any stress to the buttock can negatively impact your results. There are two risks that occur if you do not take care of yourself this 1st 2 weeks. The first one is fat migration. Fat can actually migrate, mainly locally around the buttock area within the first 2 weeks after surgery. The other important aspect is pressure can cause the fat to die. When you apply pressure to the buttock there is a significant increase in intragluteal pressure these results in the fat to die. In other words, high pressure will cause a significant decrease in the perfusion of the fat.