Boost of confidence with the Hourglass mommy makeover

Her ex-husband almost cried when seeing her after plastic surgery! The results of her Hourglass Mommy Makeover are sooooo good!

Small, small waist and great curves after considerable weight loss

One year after an hourglass tummy tuck with a back lift, she still can’t believe it’s her in the mirror! A fascinating story about an amazing young woman and how she went from Spongebob to a spectacular hourglass shape.

Big booty for sexy single mom

She had surgery with Dr. Hourglass before, she is sexy and a single mom! Meet Christina Marie, the 40 year-old mom who just got a new booty!

Perfect breasts for a hot mamma

She had babies and now she wants her sexy look back! Check out Megan and her amazing transformation with the hourglass tummy tuck and breast augmentation!

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  • How much does the bbl run?

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Dr. Cortés is very critical about his work and results. He has developed many procedures that will provide you with excellent results. The wonder breast lift is a procedure that will not only give a perky breast but also long lasting results and an implant-like look without a breast implant. The wonder breast reduction will give you a smaller breast with limited scars, an implant-like look, and beautiful fullness. The famous hourglass tummy tuck, a technique trademarked by Dr. Cortés, is the only technique that will enhance your belly and at the same time give you a very attractive curvy figure. And last but not least, the “baby got butt” procedure is highly demanded by patients. This technique is a high volume fat transfer procedure that will not only enhance your behind but will also give patients a well proportionate body.

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Dr. Cortés' work can only be better explained through the results of the hundreds of surgeries he has performed. Confirm this by visiting his impressive electronic gallery.


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Most medical insurance plans or healthcare carriers do not cover the elective aesthetic procedures that we offer. There are, however, many financing options to fit your particular situation.













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