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Dr. Cortés is very critical about his work and results. He has developed many procedures that will provide you with excellent results. The wonder breast lift is a procedure that will not only give a perky breast but also long lasting results and an implant-like look without a breast implant. The wonder breast reduction will give you a smaller breast with limited scars, an implant-like look, and beautiful fullness. The famous hourglass tummy tuck, a technique trademarked by Dr. Cortés, is the only technique that will enhance your belly and at the same time give you a very attractive curvy figure. And last but not least, the “baby got butt” procedure is highly demanded by patients. This technique is a high volume fat transfer procedure that will not only enhance your behind but will also give patients a well proportionate body.

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Dr. Cortés' work can only be better explained through the results of the hundreds of surgeries he has performed. Confirm this by visiting his impressive electronic gallery.


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Most medical insurance plans or healthcare carriers do not cover the elective aesthetic procedures that we offer. There are, however, many financing options to fit your particular situation.

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