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  • Get control over your body with a mommy makeover

    Pregnancy can introduce a number of negative changes in a woman’s body. You cannot undo most of these changes through exercise and diet. The Mommy Makeover is a holistic and effective plastic surgery procedure that treats a wide-range of aesthetic ... Read more


  • Do I need a travel companion if I have plastic surgery out of town?

    Many patients ask whether they need someone to accompany them after having plastic surgery out of town. The answer is yes; you need a travel companion whether you have plastic surgery in town or out of town. In both cases, you will need a travel comp... Read more


  • Buttock Augmentation Recovery Guide

    Buttock augmentation is a major operation, which means that you will be required to take enough rest during the recovery period and follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions. You may be allowed to go home a few hours following the surgery. However... Read more


  • Is My Weight an Important Factor When Undergoing Lipo?

    Surgically, it is possible to alter the contour or shape of the body through various procedures such as liposuction (lipo for short). It is considered as a minimally invasive procedure because it only results in a very small scar, which means there... Read more


  • Can I Have Lipo on the Ankles and Calves?

    Liposuction is a procedure that can be done on areas of the body where there is excess fat. Although it is usually done on fatty areas like the waist, thighs, and arms, it can certainly be done in other areas such as the ankles and calves as well. A ... Read more


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Dr. Cortés is very critical about his work and results. He has developed many procedures that will provide you with excellent results. The wonder breast lift is a procedure that will not only give a perky breast but also long lasting results and an implant-like look without a breast implant. The wonder breast reduction will give you a smaller breast with limited scars, an implant-like look, and beautiful fullness. The famous hourglass tummy tuck, a technique trademarked by Dr. Cortés, is the only technique that will enhance your belly and at the same time give you a very attractive curvy figure. And last but not least, the “baby got butt” procedure is highly demanded by patients. This technique is a high volume fat transfer procedure that will not only enhance your behind but will also give patients a well proportionate body.

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Dr. Cortés' work can only be better explained through the results of the hundreds of surgeries he has performed. Confirm this by visiting his impressive electronic gallery.


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Most medical insurance plans or healthcare carriers do not cover the elective aesthetic procedures that we offer. There are, however, many financing options to fit your particular situation.

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