Day: October 17, 2019

17th Oct 2019

Building a relationship with the plastic surgeon

Undergoing plastic surgery is a common practice nowadays for people who want to enhance their physical appearance by resorting to the talented hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon. However, few people are aware of the importance of building a relationship...

17th Oct 2019

Getting a feminine body shape with fat transfer

Getting a feminine body shape with fat transfer   Introduction We all say it is inner beauty that is really important, and this is the truth. However, until getting to the point to demonstrate her qualities and inner beauty, a...


Capsular contracture after buttock implant surgery and how it can be treated

  Introduction Buttock augmentation with implants is a major plastic surgery procedure, and no matter how skilled and experienced your plastic surgeon is, problems can still arise during or after the procedure. The likelihood of complications after surgery is rooted...


General risks of butt implant surgery

  Introduction   Butt implant surgery is performed with the aim of increasing the size of the buttocks by inserting implants of a certain volume inside the muscles of the butt. The procedure has a higher risk when compared to...