7 surprising facts about breast

7 surprising facts about breast

03rd Oct 2016

Most women feel that they know everything about breast, while men always seem interested to find out more about this topic. The reality is that there are things that not even women know about regarding their own bust as well as the choices they make related to it every day. Some of the surprising facts about this topic are supported by researches and studies, while others are plain and simple facts.
Breasts are a hot topic as some consider them to be the core of a woman’s femininity and sex appeal. There are a few men who say that they prefer women with small breasts and end up marrying those women. But let’s be honest, when it comes to initial attraction, most men are drawn to big, firm, voluptuous breasts. For this reason, porn stars are regular clients of plastic surgery to enhance their breasts. An amazing bust just normally leaves a memorable impression on both men and women, which has been proven many times already.
So, here are a few surprising facts about breasts:


1.Women buy more bras than they actually need

While they wear it all the time, women are rarely able to measure their breasts properly. This usually results in them wearing bigger or smaller bras compared to the size they actually need. To be more exact, studies have shown that 85% of women get the wrong size when shopping for a bra. This seems pretty unbelievable, right? While it may seem crazy, getting the right bra size is not as easy as one might think. Most lingerie companies always recommend having a specialist help you discover your correct bra size, especially in cases where you have just started wearing a bra, had weight fluctuations or just had a breast augmentation surgery. So if you are tired of getting a new bra every month only to get home and discover that your old one was much more comfortable, get help before spending more money on bras that don’t actually fit and you don’t actually need.


2.Many women are displeased with their breasts

Do you remember that neighbor/teacher that has a C cup that you desired since you were a teenager? Well, it may come as a surprise to you, but even she may have wished for different breasts. Studies show that approximately 70% of women are not pleased with the shape or the size of their breasts, whereas men rarely mind anything regarding their breasts or chest area. If you think about it, it is natural for women to be discontent because they consider breasts as a crucial element to their sex appeal. Hence, their appearance can be a source of self-esteem boost or vice versa. With that said, this doesn’t mean that these 70% of women from all over the world go to a plastic surgeon to improve the appearance of their breasts. Only those who really want to change it do so because they feel that it will improve their overall wellbeing in terms of being confident about their body.


3.Breast stimulation is real

Most people already know that the breast area is an erogenous zone. 82% of women feel sexually excited when their breasts are manually stimulated. More than this, approximately 1% of women can also experience an orgasm just from this.


4.It is normal for the breasts to hurt during physical exercises

One in three women running in a marathon complains about breast pain while they are running. Consequently, having appropriate breast support during any strenuous physical activities is essential. You should never engage in any types of sports, not even run, without a proper sports bra that is perfectly fitted to your body. The pain is caused by the fact that the too much physical activity causes your bust to move too much, thereby causing discomfort.


5.Breasts can be incredibly large

When you go in for your initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, don’t tell them things like you want to have the biggest breasts ever. You don’t know what you are asking for! When it comes to the bigger breasts ever, the record can be found in Guinness Book and is held by a very tall woman whose bust circumference was approximately 178 cm. Now consider the difference between what we call the “perfect” (around 90 cm over the bust) and her 178 cm… that is almost double! You should always consider proportion.


6.Breasts are not identical

Please don’t read this and say that yours are! No breasts are identical, but they can be very similar that you hardly notice any difference. However, sometimes the differences between the two breasts can be as big as a cup size. Most asymmetries are not visible to the naked eye, but when we are talking about a bra cup size in between your breasts, you should really consider seeing a plastic surgeon to correct this imperfection.


7.Breast augmentation is still mainstream

We had patients coming in and asking if people are still getting breast augmentations because they would like one too, but they were worried it is not popular anymore. While some women will never take action to enhance the appearance of the breasts, there are still plenty who undergo breast augmentation surgery every single day around the world. In the US for example, the request for breast augmentation is on the rise and has been like this for at least a decade.



The human body is amazing and impressive in its function, and women’s breasts are just as interesting. Even if you are the proud owner of an amazing cleavage, we are sure there were at least a few things that you didn’t know about your breasts. Because breasts are such a hot topic of discussion for both men and women, there will always be more things to discover about breasts!


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