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Dr. Hourglass is always looking for new ways to improve his surgical outcomes. He is very critical of his work and and detail-oriented. He has developed multiple cosmetic procedures to give you, not only great results, but also long lasting ones. His surgical philosophy is to never leave the operating room until his patients look the best they can. The results of his surgeries have been noticed by patients all across Texas and nationwide. Surgeons from other countries have visited Dr. Cortés to learn about his innovative procedures.

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17 September 2020

5 Reasons why men resort to plastic surgery

Introduction Blame it on popular culture or whatsoever, but the fact remains that the number of men getting plastic surgery is increasing at an unprecedented rate.  Never in history has such a large number of men been interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery. Men are now also resorting to different plastic surgery procedures to enhance their […]

14 September 2020

Plastic surgery trends 2019

Undergoing plastic surgery is no longer a taboo nowadays, and millions of patients undergo different procedures each year all over the globe. While some procedures have been consistently in demand for years, there are others that see a rise in popularity each year. Today we will discuss the plastic surgery trends in 2019: 1.    […]

14 September 2020

3 Pros and 3 Cons of undergoing plastic surgery

Introduction If you are reading this, you probably want to undergo a particular plastic surgery procedure or want to explore your options. Human beings, especially women, are extremely conscious when it comes to their physical appearance and body aesthetics. And why shouldn’t they be, given the reality that most people judge us on the basis […]

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