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Antibiotics after a tummy tuck surgery

For some women, achieving the hourglass shape that they want is not a piece of cake. Most of the time, it requires surgical procedures. It is common that after a surgical operation has been done such as the tummy tuck procedure, surgeon conduct the use of antibiotics. It is possible that a patient gets an infection after that person has undergone any surgical operation. Nobody wants to be infected so do not get curious if you get a prescription for antibiotics from your surgeon. This is to keep you away from potential infections.

Know that the tummy tuck is a major operation that involves surgical removal of the excess skin from your abdomen, aside from tightening the abdominal wall muscles. The said procedure makes the body vulnerable. This only means that you have to prepare your body for potential infections. You need to create a layer of defense in your body before an infection attacks you, thus, you have to take antibiotics before and after the surgery which will create that layer of defense.

There are different kinds of antibiotics. Most often, a cephalosporin is given via IV immediately before the surgery if the patient is healthy and has no contamination. It is commonly preferred by surgeons to give the antibiotic before the surgery. Right now, the use of antibiotics after surgery is still an issue because it is still debatable if antibiotics can prevent infections. However, some surgeons have proven its benefits. What patients should remember is that prolonged use of antibiotics can cause complications. Also, prolonged use of antibiotics can trigger health issues like vaginal yeast infections and diarrhea.

In addition, it can make the body vulnerable to antibiotic-resistant MRSA bacteria. This is why the common antibiotics are prescribed to tummy tuck patients which include prophylactic antibiotics. These are preventive antibiotics, which mean they protect the body from contracting infections.













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