Appropriate behavior after breast implant surgery

Appropriate behavior after breast implant surgery

13th Feb 2020

Appropriate behavior after breast implant surgery


The results achieved after undergoing breast implant surgery can take almost nine months to transpire fully. This is because the procedure is associated with certain side effects that are normal to occur and also because the cicatrization process takes a while. It doesn’t happen instantly after the procedure.

The experience and talent of the plastic surgeon performing breast implant surgery are very important to maximize the results; however, the patient’s behavior post-op can also make all the difference in terms of results. Having an appropriate behavior after breast implant surgery can help you have a faster and smoother recovery period, avoid complications, and also refine the results. Here are some things you need to do and some things you need to avoid:


–    Don’t smoke

Smoking is strictly forbidden when it comes to patients undergoing plastic surgery, especially for procedures done on the breasts. The risk of developing a complication is increased for patients who smoke, and this is the reason why the plastic surgeon will ask you to quit smoking three to six weeks before the procedure and continue as a non-smoker for at least the same amount of time post-op. Smoking interferes with the healing process, and because of the lack of proper oxygenation of the blood, wound dehiscence and even infections can occur. These could lead to bad scarring. 

–    Don’t lie on your tummy

Lying on the tummy can result into incisions opening or the shifting of the implants. If you are used to resting on the tummy, ask the plastic surgeon for advice about how you can avoid this after the surgery. 

–    Wear the special post-op bra

Your newly enhanced breasts need support and a certain level of compression. The compression will help reduce the swelling and bruising that occurs after the procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon will tell you that the results achieved when the patient has worn the special post-op bra or a good quality sports bra non-stop for a few weeks after the surgery are better than for patients who didn’t wear a compression bra. 

–    Massage the breasts

Massaging the breasts after breast implant surgery can help you avoid developing capsular contracture. This is a complication that can occur and entails the thickening and hardening of the fibrous capsule surrounding the implants. While massaging the breasts can also help your breasts descend and soften in their pockets, it is important to wait for the recommendation of the plastic surgeon before starting with the massage. Your plastic surgeon or the medical staff at the clinic will also show you the proper techniques to use when massaging the breasts.

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