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Are butt implants better than fat grafting?

If you are planning to enhance your buttocks, you can choose between two options: butt implants and fat grafting. However, just like anyone who wishes to improve their butts, you may also wonder which of the two procedures is better for you. Before you learn which of these two is better to use, you must learn first that butt implant and fat grafting are completely different procedures. Butt implant involves placing artificial objects inside your buttocks. On the other hand, fat grafting involves the use of your own body fat to deliver your desired aesthetic outcomes.

To know which will be better for you, you should consider your anatomy first. You can ask your surgeon to examine your body. This is simply because butt implant is better for you if you do not have enough fat for your buttocks. Contrary to this, you can consider fat grafting if you want to give your buttocks a better shape than what you presently have and to increase the size of your buttocks. Little do you know that these procedures can be performed together. Buttock implants and fat grafting can be combined to give you the shape that you want.

Some patients claim that a butt implant is better than fat grafting. One of the reasons why they have such belief is because the results of butt implants are long-lasting even if you lose weight. Butt implants are made of semi-solid silicone material. This only means that these materials are highly-durable and immune to ruptures and leaks. There are instances where the surgeon needs to remove the implants especially if complications like implant displacement and capsular contracture occur. For you to qualify for the fat transfer procedure, you will be required to have excess fat in your body that could be used as donor fat. If you don’t have excess fat in your body, the butt implant surgery is better for you.







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