Author: Theo

30th Nov 2020

Loose abdominal muscles after pregnancy

Loose Abdominal Muscles After Pregnancy   You gave birth some time ago, but your tummy still looks like you are still pregnant. Months pass by and it is still there, despite the fact that you have lost the baby weight...

07th May 2020

Modern day techniques for achieving the hourglass shape

  Many female celebrities that we have admired over the decades had a beautiful hourglass shape. The hourglass shape has always been a symbol of femininity and the most desired female body shape. And the reason behind this is obvious:...

05th May 2020

Plastic surgery procedures for men

  Introduction A large number of patients who undergo plastic surgery in the US are male. Generally, men go through aesthetic body problems for reasons that are different from females. For example, women undergo plastic surgery to look more feminine,...

29th Apr 2020

Less invasive methods to improve the appearance of the body

  With the development of modern plastic surgery, it is getting easier and easier for people to use these procedures to enhance certain body features or the overall contour of the body. It is true that a dramatic change in...

28th Apr 2020

Main benefits of plastic surgery

  Introduction The number of people undergoing plastic surgery has increased exponentially in the last ten years. The main reason why so many people are going under the knife is that fact that plastic surgery comes with many benefits. Furthermore,...

24th Apr 2020

How to tell you found the right doctor for your surgery?

  With so many options available nowadays for cosmetic procedures, it can be difficult to know when you have found the right procedure that would best suit your needs or the person to perform it. Many patients end up with...

22nd Apr 2020

Dealing with long-term consequences of plastic surgery

  Introduction Plastic surgery has become extremely popular in America, especially in the last ten years. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans get plastic surgery, spending billions of dollars with the hope to enhance their physical appearance. Who doesn’t...

18th Apr 2020

Getting plastic surgery in 2020

There is no doubt about the fact that nowadays, people from all over the world resort to plastic surgery to achieve the physical appearance they dream of or to correct congenital imperfections that make them feel uncomfortable in their skin....