Author: Wilberto Cortes

02nd Jan 2019

Cosmetic Surgery For Sagging Skin

Cosmetic Surgery For Sagging Skin   Sagging skin is a common problem of those who have lost a lot of weight. Although losing lots of fat has already caused a lot of positive changes to the body, getting help from...

02nd Jan 2019

Should I Get Arm Lift Surgery

Should I Get Arm Lift Surgery   Cosmetic surgery helps improve how the body looks like, and it can be done on different areas of the body. The upper arm is a problem area where excess skin and fat are...

13th Dec 2018

Common Side Effects Of Thigh Lift

One common part of the body that seems to be problematic for many women is the thigh area. It can store fat but can be very resistant to the effects of exercise and diet, even after some weight has already...

29th Nov 2018

Tips and tricks to better prepare for plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is performed on an elective basis. This means that the patient has time to prepare, unlike with surgical procedures performed on an emergency basis. Appropriate preparation is essential for the success of plastic surgery and a smooth recovery...

27th Nov 2018

Contouring the body with surgery

Many women are very conscious about how their body looks like. For some women, the results they get after diet and exercise are enough. There are also some who are still not satisfied with their bodies even after they have...

22nd Nov 2018

Medication and diet after plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a safe and efficient method to correct some body or facial imperfections or to improve the aesthetic appearance of one or multiple features of the body. Nowadays more and more people resort to plastic surgery to get...

20th Nov 2018

What surgeries can be combined?

Cosmetic surgery can alter the appearance of the body and improve it to the preferred physical appearance. Many men and women are conscious of how their body looks, and so they find ways on how to improve it. Surgery is...

15th Nov 2018

I want to be hot again: Plastic surgery for the new mommy

After giving birth, some new mothers consider using plastic surgery to erase specific physical marks that pregnancy leaves on the body, especially on the abdomen and breasts. A woman’s body goes through severe changes during pregnancy. Each woman is affected...