Author: Wilberto Cortes

01st Feb 2018

When liposuction is NOT a solution

Any respectable and responsible plastic surgeon will tell you that liposuction is not for everyone, despite what the vast majority of people tend to think. A good plastic surgeon who cares about your wellbeing will also tell you that liposuction...

30th Jan 2018

Questions to ask your liposuction surgeon

Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures with the purpose to contour the body. The procedure consists of the removal of fat cells from different areas of the body where there is an excess of adipose...

28th Jan 2018

Liposuction procedure steps

Getting thinner overnight is a dream that can keep many people up at night, especially if they have been battling with extra weight for a while now. Sometimes a liposuction procedure looks like the ideal solution to losing the excess...

25th Jan 2018

How often can I undergo liposuction

Nowadays there are people who consider plastic surgery to be as easy as a walk in the park. One would think that if walking were a piece of cake, people would do it more often instead of resorting to plastic...

23rd Jan 2018

Abdominoplasty procedure steps

Abdominoplasty is one of the most complex plastic surgery procedures. It is a lengthy intervention and the results are more visible and significant. The tummy tuck surgery is known to be able to improve the aspect of the abdominal area...

15th Dec 2017

When exercising and diet fail liposuction is the solution

There are cases when sports and diets are not enough for you to get the perfect body. According to the specialists, some people usually have a surplus of fat in the areas of the abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks that...

14th Dec 2017

Frequently asked questions about the tummy tuck

After giving birth or losing a significant amount of weight, it is possible for your abdomen to develop sagging skin as a result of it. What should have been a cause for celebration may make you unhappy about your body’s...

13th Dec 2017

Everything you need to know about total body lifting

Body lift is a procedure that mainly targets people who used to be obese and who managed to lose tens of kilograms. Under these conditions, the skin, which was stretched by excessive weight gain, starts sagging immediately after the weight...