Author: Wilberto Cortes

12th Dec 2017

Celebrities who ruined their looks after plastic surgery

Have you seen recent pictures of Donatella Versace and Mickey Rourke? They are like walking, talking advertising for celebrities who ruined their looks after undergoing plastic surgery. Not only do they have nothing to be proud of after going under...

11th Dec 2017

10 Celebrities who went under the knife for plastic surgery

There are some celebrities who are proud of their plastic surgery and even encourage others to undergo surgery to enhance their appearance, while others never acknowledge them. They simply act like their beauty is all-natural by denying that they went...

10th Dec 2017

Reasons to consider mammary implants

If you do a quick search online, you will be astounded to see how many sites, chat rooms, and forum topics were created specifically to discuss breast implants. There are so many aspects of the breast implant surgery to discover...

09th Dec 2017

Everything you need to know about the complications of mammary implants

Each surgical intervention comes with certain risks and complications. The general risks of surgery are bleeding, side effects after the anesthesia, swelling, infection and pain. There are no surgeries, whatever the medical field might be, that is completely risk-free. Of...

08th Dec 2017

What are the risks of body cosmetic surgery?

Individuals cannot avoid having their body and appearance change due to a number of factors, such as aging, pregnancy, illness, drastic weight fluctuations, lifestyle, and genetics. Despite its inevitability, there are still many who want to fix those changes and...

07th Dec 2017

Cosmetic Surgery Options for breasts

Many women with smaller, extremely large, or droopy breasts often have low self-esteem and feel that it affects their productivity because they are unhappy with their appearance. They think that their aesthetic appearance is not in conformity with the modern...

06th Dec 2017

How long does it take to recover after a mommy makeover?

The mommy makeover is a mixture of plastic surgery procedures to help women regain their pre-pregnancy looks. It is concentrated on enhancing the breasts and abdomen. Normally, a mommy makeover comprises of a tummy tuck, breast enhancement and liposuction. Nevertheless,...

05th Dec 2017

Can you become addicted to plastic surgery?

While most people associate the word “addiction” with substance abuse, there are several other things that can lead to psychological dependence. Addictions can come in different ways, and one of the severe addictions often overlooked is plastic surgery addiction. Whether...