Author: Wilberto Cortes

12th Nov 2017

The Occurrence of Symmastia

Symmastia is a condition wherein there is a lack of separation between breasts. This condition can be congenital, and it can also be caused by the use of breast implants. To make sure that you really have symmastia due to...

11th Nov 2017

How to treat Keloid and hypertrophic scarring after plastic surgery

The formation of a scar after any plastic surgery is a normal phenomenon. It happens because there is damage to the skin due to the incision made. People can have different scars even if they had the same surgery because...

10th Nov 2017

Fixing uneven breasts without implants

Having uneven breasts is more common than what most people think. There are a huge percentage of women who have asymmetrical breast although many of them might not be that obvious because of the way they dress or carry themselves....

09th Nov 2017

Aligning asymmetrical breasts after breast augmentation surgery

Even with breast augmentation surgery, there is still a risk of having asymmetrical breasts after the procedure. Although most asymmetries are not too noticeable, there are still some patients who may end up with highly noticeable ones. The asymmetry of...

08th Nov 2017

Minimally Invasive Body Plastic Surgery Procedures that can make a Difference

There are many plastic surgery procedures available out there that can help improve appearance and correct defects or imperfections acquired either through trauma or simply genetics. These procedures can either be surgical or nonsurgical. Consult a plastic surgeon to determine...

07th Nov 2017

Making a decision in between the mini tummy Tuck and the full tummy tuck

One of the most effective plastic surgery procedures that can reshape the belly to create a sculpted and flatter abdomen is a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck reshapes and tightens the abdominal area, making it flatter and trimmer. It is...

06th Nov 2017

A Look at the Statistics and Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

The numbers speak for itself! Based on the recent study released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it seems that America’s obsession with cosmetic surgery procedures is here to stay. More and more Americans are going under the knife...

05th Nov 2017

10 Easy Steps to a Successful recovery after Plastic Surgery

One of the keys to getting the best benefit out of a plastic surgery procedure is to have a smooth and successful recovery. While it is true that the healing process varies from patient to patient and from the type...