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20th Sep 2021

Will my butt implants explode if I fall?

If this were to happen, butt augmentation surgery would probably be a procedure with a very high risk. But the reality is that butt implants don’t explode, whatever trauma might occur to them. This is when you might ask how...

17th Sep 2021

Will my breast implants rupture if my partner squeezes my breasts?

When it comes to breast augmentation with implants, the procedure has been performed for more than half a century now. This means that there are so many myths and legends about the procedure that have been discussed for so long,...

15th Sep 2021

When not to schedule your breast lift

The indication for the breast lift will be given by the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The plastic surgeon will perform a thorough medical examination on the patient and also ask questions about the patient’s lifestyle and habits, as...

13th Sep 2021

Reasons why mastopexy needs to be performed

Mastopexy is the medical term we use for the breast lift. The procedure is very popular nowadays as it is the only effective solution to correct breast ptosis. Breast ptosis can affect women of different ages and whatever the volume...

10th Sep 2021

Concerns about getting a breast reduction

Patients interested in undergoing plastic surgery to reduce the size of their breasts can be interested in finding out the details about the surgical plan and the recovery period to minimize their concerns.  Just like any other plastic surgery procedure,...

08th Sep 2021

When you know your breasts are too large

Modern beauty standards are ever-changing and different from country to country, but almost everywhere, big, round, perky breasts are a symbol of femininity and sex appeal. This is why more and more women undergo breast augmentation surgery every year with...

06th Sep 2021

Why do so many people get fat transfer to the buttocks?

With the development of modern plastic surgery, there are procedures that have emerged and become famous and very popular in a matter of years. When it comes to procedures such as liposuction and breast augmentation that have been performed for...

03rd Sep 2021

Who is a good candidate for butt enhancement procedures?

Butt enhancement procedures are more and more in demand nowadays because they are the only safe and efficient method to get a real augmentation of the rear end. The shape and size of the buttocks are genetically predetermined. Also, lifestyle...