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30th Jul 2021

Which is the safest method to get bigger buttocks?

When it comes to butt enhancement procedures, developments in the field in the last decade have been incredible. There are procedures that specialists have tried to develop for many decades that are finally possible to be performed. Also, the results...

29th Jul 2021

What is the fastest method to get a bigger butt?

The fastest method to get a bigger butt would be probably to have someone with a magic wand make a wish so your butt will grow. The next fastest method is using plastic surgery! Jokes aside, it is important to...

27th Jul 2021

Can fat transfer cause breast cancer?

Introduction Fat grafting is a plastic surgery procedure that has been used to enhance the breasts for about a decade now. It has a history of effectively and safely improving the contour and projection of the breasts. As the name...

26th Jul 2021

Are there different options for breast enhancement?

Introduction In the last decade or so, medicine has seen a decrease in people who believe in it. Contrary to the fact that we live in an overdeveloped world with everything at our disposal with just one finger swipe, people...

24th Jul 2021

Is a revision surgery ever required after a breast lift?

Introduction Even though most women undergo the breast lift believing that the procedure will deliver stellar results, a revision breast lift may be sometimes required. The bad news is that there is no guarantee that the breast lift will always...

23rd Jul 2021

Common reasons why women get a breast lift

Introduction Our bodies are subject to many changes, and the female breasts are particularly more exposed to changes. Factors like aging, pregnancy and breastfeeding, massive weight fluctuations, and gravity affect the breasts in negative ways. Since women are extremely sensitive...


Facts and myths about buttock augmentation surgery

Introduction Buttock augmentation surgery is the only efficient solution for patients with small, flat or mildly saggy buttocks. The procedure is performed with the patient under general anesthesia and can take a few hours to be completed. It is important...

19th Jul 2021

What is considered an abnormal volume of the breasts?

The development of the mammary gland can be so excessive in some women that it can significantly affect the quality of the patient’s life due to associated symptoms as well as pain localized in the back, neck, and shoulders. Over...