Brazilian butt lift breast lift

05th Aug 2016

Combining multiple procedures while doing a buttock augmentation is certainly possible. I already discussed why it is not a good idea to do a tummy tuck and buttock augmentation at the same time, but in this video I will discuss how it is possible to have a breast augmentation and buttock augmentation at the same time. There are certain principles that need to be followed to perform these two procedures at the same time.

For the breast augmentation, you will be lying on your back initially during the procedure, and incisions will be made anywhere around the breasts, including the mammary fold or the periareolar area. Implants will be placed and the incisions will be closed. Subsequently, liposuction will be performed on the abdomen, thighs, and sides to start giving you a more hourglass shape. Once this surgery is finished, you will be placed on your chest and specialized pillows will be used to avoid excessive compression on your breasts while the buttock augmentation is performed. While you are face down, we are going to be inserting buttock implants. Two incisions are made on top of the buttocks around the gluteal fold; the implants will be inserted, drains will be placed, and the incisions will be closed with interrupted sutures. Fat transfer is then performed to shape your buttocks better.

As you can see, this patient has had both procedures performed at the same time. The difference between this and combining buttock augmentation with a tummy tuck is that breast augmentation tends to be a less invasive procedure compared to a tummy tuck. In addition, when you have a tummy tuck, it is very hard to lie on your chest, but with a breast augmentation and a special pillow that has holes, you will be able to recover comfortably and be mobile after surgery. Combining breast augmentation with buttock augmentation is certainly feasible, and I perform these two procedures at the same time routinely.

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