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Brazilian butt lift fat transfer procedure

If you are planning to undergo any kind of plastic surgery, you need to understand that not all your expectations will be met. The results will depend on the surgeon’s expertise, how you will take care of yourself after the surgery as well as your own anatomy. Your anatomy plays a big part in achieving your desired results. This is the main reason why it is important to talk with your surgeon first prior to surgery so that you will have a full understanding on what will happen with the surgical procedure and what should you expect after the surgery has been performed.

In buttock enhancement, surgeons find it difficult to obtain the V-shape. They find it challenging compared to other shapes. Some patients get curious why it is difficult to fix a V-shape. For you to understand better, just imagine a V-shape which will be transformed into an A-shape. Though surgeons can give you the most impressive results and figure, the said shapes are the ones which are hard to fix. If you want to have these shapes, you need to understand that the width of the bone and the muscle anatomy cannot be changed. The only thing that can be changed is the fat on top.

Some patients do not understand the fact that the width cannot be changed. Even if the top of the buttock undergoes liposuction, the width will still be significant. The other point is that if the fat is injected into the lower part of the buttock to make it as wide as an A shape, in over 95% of patients, the skin in this area is very tight. The skin is so tight that it tends to migrate up and down. In many cases, this can distort the buttock in such a way that the results are not what the patient anticipated.







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