Brazilian butt lift results

17th May 2017

So, we discussed the A-shaped buttock and the V-shaped buttock; now, we are going to discuss the square-shaped buttock. This is exactly what the name implies: buttocks that are square. If we draw one line on top of the buttocks, one on the middle, and one at the bottom, the lengths are essentially the same. The square shape is a common shape that lots of patients have, particularly if they have gained weight. It is not the most difficult buttock to fix surgically, but still requires surgical expertise to recreate an A shape or an hourglass shape.

With the square-shaped buttock, typically the patient’s skin is not very tight. In order to change this shape, I need to do liposuction at the top. This will decrease the horizontal distance on top of the buttock; in this way I can change the proportion of the top to the lower part to create the A shape or hourglass shape, whichever is your preference.

The other way to change the square-shaped buttock, assuming that the skin tone is not very tight, is to create an hourglass shape by essentially putting fat in the middle third of the buttock. If I draw a line through the middle third of the buttock, this is exactly where it is going to be located. If you have square-shaped buttocks, there is a greater chance of having a nice result than with V-shaped buttocks. The square shape, although difficult to correct, can be fixed by applying principles of buttock augmentation surgery.

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