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Brazilian butt lift results

There are times when some women who want to undergo buttock enhancement expect too much regarding the results of the surgery. They want to achieve their desired shape without knowing that not all shapes can be achieved and even though surgeons try their best to fix the buttocks, the results will not look as to what the patients have expected. Surgeons should not be blamed regarding this because your anatomy plays a big role in obtaining the results that you want.

Before you plan to undergo buttock enhancement, you need to have knowledge about the different shapes of buttocks. In this way, you can identify what’s yours and then you will know the shape that will go well with your anatomy. One of the shapes that most women have is the square-shaped buttock. As the name implies, this is where the patient’s buttocks are square-shaped. This shape is commonly obtained especially if the patient has a significant weight gain. Surgically speaking, it is not the most difficult buttock to fix. However, surgical expertise is still needed to recreate an A shape or an hourglass shape.

In order to change the shape, there is a need to do liposuction at the top. Doing this will create a horizontal distance on top of the buttock. As a result, there is a proportion of the top to the lower part to create the A shape or hourglass shape, whichever is your preference. The square shape, although difficult to correct, can be fixed by applying principles of buttock augmentation surgery. However, you should prohibit yourself from creating unrealistic expectations to avoid yourself from getting disappointed. You can have a further discussion with your surgeon if you want to fully understand the surgical procedure. Do not be ashamed to tell your concerns to your surgeon.







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