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0 Comment February 14, 2015

Brazilian butt lift surgery

When it comes to enhancing your rear ends, the Brazilian butt lift surgery is among the top choices of women. This method is also known as the fat transfer technique. If you are aiming to enhance your square figure and achieve the hourglass shape that most women dream of, then this intervention is highly recommended for you. But of course, there would be consultations and assessment first before you know if you are an ideal candidate for this procedure or not.

The Brazilian butt lift technique uses liposuction method to remove the excess fat from the donor areas of your body. The harvested fat will undergo procedures to remove the unnecessary liquids before being injected into the areas that need to be enhanced.

Among the top questions that patients ask is what volume of fat is required to add the desired projection and achieve an hourglass shape. Well, the answer varies from patient to patient. It depends on aesthetic goals, the aesthetic condition of your buttocks, and the availability of excess fat in your body.







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