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0 Comment February 14, 2015

Breast and Hips Surgery 2

Choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures is not only a medical decision but also a very personal one. It involves how we see ourselves, and how we present ourselves in society. While not every woman has the desire to enhance their figures using the advanced technology, most of them still want to achieve the hourglass figure.

However, if you will choose only one part of your body to enhance such as your breasts, there might be a problem with your body proportions and the overall look. That’s why upon initial consultation and assessment, your surgeon will determine your anatomical conditions as well as the parts of your body that can be enhanced through a combination of cosmetic surgeries. Among the top recommendations is to undergo a hips surgery as well.

There are specialized techniques and methods such as the fat transfer that your surgeon can use to help you achieve the hourglass figure in the end. But keep in mind to know what the surgeries entail and if the combinations of cosmetic interventions can be the best solution for you shape dilemma.







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