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Breast and Hips Surgery

The Brazilian butt lift, also more commonly known as fat transfer, is an effective and popular plastic surgery procedure to enhance your rear ends. It has the power to transform your body from a square shape to an hourglass figure. The surgery involves the use of liposuction to remove the surplus fat from different areas of your body and transfer the fat to your booties.

With plenty of cosmetic surgery procedures that are dominating the beauty market today, it is not surprising that most women want to know if they can achieve the body they have always dreamed of, or if they can have their once-perfect bodies after pregnancy. Among the top parts of the body that often need enhancement are the breasts and the hips.

When you go to the clinic, your surgeon will assess your anatomical condition and recommend the kinds of surgeries that can be performed to give you what you want. Breast augmentation alone can’t give the hourglass shape that’s why the surgeon will recommend a combination that includes surgery to the hips. The technique would be fat transfer to ensure that the proportions of your body would be aesthetically appealing.







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