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Breast Augmentation 3

If you are interested in making your breasts bigger and shapelier, we encourage you to know everything you need to know first before choosing a method that would best serve the purpose. The initial consultation is considered by Dr. Cortes as the most important part of the intervention because this will help you acquire a better understanding and appreciation of the surgery.

It is during the initial consultation that your breasts and chest dimensions will be examined and measured as well as the other parts of your body in order to know if you can qualify for the breast augmentation technique that uses fat transfer or the other one that uses implants. Well, the fat transfer technique can give you natural looking breasts. But that depends if you have plenty of donor areas where fat can be harvested.

It is important to know that you can’t get the size you desired for just like that especially if you want to undergo the natural method. It will depend on the fats that will be harvested from your body through liposuction. This technique must be carefully done as the survival of fats depends on the expertise of your surgeon. If you are after bigger size and projection, it’s good to ask your surgeon about the other methods to know if it would be a good decision or not.







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