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Breast augmentation asymmetries

One of the most frustrating parts of being a plastic surgeon is getting women to understand that their breasts are sisters, not twins. What do I mean by this? Whenever you have a breast augmentation, you need to understand that prior to surgery, 100% of women on earth have some sort of asymmetry in their breasts, and this is absolutely normal. It is not that I am criticizing; it is just the way it is, the way God makes everybody. Every part of the body is asymmetric.

Asymmetries can come in many different forms.  In my experience, most of the time I tend to put different implant sizes on different breasts to try to match the volume the best I can. Prior to surgery, I discuss it with the patients; show them the asymmetries that I see before surgery, and make sure they understand that the breasts are not going to be twins, but sisters that look very much alike.

Understanding breast asymmetry is crucial before you have any breast enhancement procedure. After surgery, you are going to be looking at yourself 24/7, and if you do not accept the fact that your breasts are slightly asymmetric after surgery, you are going to be extremely dissatisfied with the procedure. When I say asymmetric, I mean minor things that most likely only you will notice. Certainly, if there is a significant asymmetry prior to surgery, it is important for the plastic surgeon to try to correct this to have a better outcome and a happy patient.

If you have very noticeable breast asymmetries, it is a good thing to know that there are breast surgical techniques that can help you deal with your anatomy issue. Just make sure that you discuss your options with a well experienced plastic surgeon who has mastered the art of performing corrective procedures.







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