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Breast augmentation cleavage

Many times, patients come to my clinic and the first thing they complain about is seeing pictures online where some patient has an extremely large gap between the breasts. If you’re an interested patient, you must keep in mind that you can’t expect to get the same results as the other. As an experienced surgeon, I can tell you that the gap between the breasts has nothing to do with the surgeon and everything to do with the patient’s anatomy.

Cleavage after the intervention really depends upon several factors. The first one is the distance between a woman’s breast folds. The larger the distance, the further the muscle is inserting into the ribcage. Morevoer, the further the muscle attaches to the chest wall, either up and down or side to side, the less cleavage the patient is going to have.

If you look closely at a patient who has a gap between the breasts, they had this gap prior to the surgery. The origin of the breast starts significantly away from the midline, and when you insert an implant, it is placed at the center of the breast, from the origin of the breast all the way to the lateral fold of the breast. The surgeon cannot cut away your whole breast and move it to the side so you can have cleavage after surgery.

You need to understand the limitations of surgery. If a surgeon attempts to detach the origin of the pectoralis major muscle in those patients with a large gap, this can create what we discussed before: a problem that will be very difficult to correct.

Be realistic about what you are going to get from the surgery and what you are trying to achieve. Take a look at your breasts before surgery and where the breast origin starts. You can draw a line and see before surgery how big the gap will be after surgery.







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