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Breast augmentation complications surgery

One of the complications that can occur with silicone breast implants is rupture of the implant. People are concerned that if there is a rupture, the silicone will harm your body and cause problems or disease as it is exposed to the surrounding soft tissue. The silicone breast implants currently on the market are better than the ones we had twenty or thirty years ago.

Rupture of an implant can occur, but it is most likely to happen years later as the implant ages or if you have a major impact on the breast during an accident or trauma. Typically, the patient is not going to notice a decrease in the volume of the breast, because the highly cohesive implant allows the silicone to stay within the boundaries of the capsule that has formed around the implant. So, patients who complain of rupture of a breast implant typically have some sort of pain or discomfort that was not there prior to the trauma or incident that caused the rupture. The pain feels like a soreness, or like there is something not right with the breast.

It is very challenging to identify it by just palpating the breast, particularly if you have developed a capsular contracture secondary to the extrusion of the silicone. So, what happens if your breast implant ruptures? Well, for a start, you are going to need revision surgery. In other words, an incision will be made, and depending on the factors that have contributed to changes in your breast, a specific surgery will be recommended to provide a better shape.

As I always tell my patient, the initial consultation is a very important part of the process as this is the moment that you can raise all your questions and concerns. It is always better if you have knowledge about the possible complications so you’ll know what to do in the event it happens.







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