Breast augmentation post op instructions

01st Nov 2018

Breast augmentation is the second most popular plastic surgery in the United States after liposuction. When you come to me for breast augmentation, I have two options for you: breast implants and fat transfer to the breasts. I will examine your breasts and know your expectations before recommending you one of these options. During the pre-operative consultation, I will also explain to you how you can prolong the results of breast augmentation.
Keep in mind that breast implants are not permanent devices; however, in my practice, I have found that the results of breast augmentation can be sustained if you take certain precautionary measures. While breast implants have an average life of ten years as warranted by the manufacturers, a majority of my patients continue to enjoy the results of breast augmentation even after fifteen years. The reason for this is that I provide them valuable tips that help prolong the life of the implants and the results.
The first advice for sustaining the results of the procedure is that you should avoid physically strenuous activities for six weeks after the surgery. If you are careless during the recovery period and apply strain or pressure on the breasts, the implants will wear and tear, which will reduce their life. Secondly, you must avoid sleeping on your front for two weeks following the surgery. Sleeping on your front during recovery applies pressure to the implants, which can cause them to rupture or leak and affect the achieved results.
For patients who have undergone fat transfer to the breasts, I recommend them to maintain a stable weight and avoid weight loss after the surgery. Weight loss can shrink the fat cells in your breasts, which can reverse the results. I also require my patients to wear the surgical bra for many weeks after the breast augmentation. It plays a critical role not only in making the recovery speedy and smooth but also helps sustain the results of the surgery.
You should avoid exposing your breasts to the sun or any other direct form of heat for six months after the surgery. I have seen many patients who exposed their breasts to the sun before six months following the surgery, and it resulted in abnormal and highly visible scarring.
Other vital methods I use to sustain the results of breast augmentation include placing the implants under the pectoral muscle and using suitably sized implants. If you notice any abnormal signs in your breasts after the surgery, be sure to bring it to my attention so I can treat it before it gives rise to significant problems.

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