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Breast implant complication areola

Just like any other type of surgery, breast lift technique carries the potential risk of an unsatisfactory or undesirable result. Even with the technical advancements in science and technology when it comes to breast cosmetic surgical procedures, there are still complications that can occur even a long time after surgery. There are different factors that can contribute to the associated complications that may require further care. However, in most cases, the surgeons have already found a way to solve the problem.

One of the most common preventable aesthetic complications in performing a breast lift is widening of the areola. When the breast lift is performed, skin is removed around the areola if it is a periareolar lift. The problem is that when you close the skin, it tends to have a high tension, and because of the elasticity of the skin, it will ultimately stretch with time. This is the reason that after a breast lift, you see some patients developing a widening of the areola.

One way to avoid this is by suturing the areola with a very strong suture called Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is a nonabsorbable suture that can decrease the tension of the closure and actually prevent the areola from getting wide after surgery.

Then, using the Gore-Tex sutures, the areola is sutured circumferentially under the skin. Once the suture is circumferentially applied, it is tightened; bringing all the skin toward the midline and reducing the tension of the closure once the areola is approximated. Using Gore-Tex is the gold standard to prevent this complication.

In order for you to lessen the risk of experiencing this condition, you have to extremely understand your options and what the surgery entails. From the preoperative stage to the postoperative stage, you must always keep in mind the recommendations and safety measures that are advised by your surgeon.













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