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0 Comment December 4, 2017

Breast implants with high projection

Whether you have small, misshaped or asymmetric breasts, breast augmentation is a wonderful procedure that can make your breasts look like what you’ve always wanted them to be. However, there are plenty of factors that a patient must need to determine and understand first so that you’ll have a realistic view of the procedure.

One of the most common variables that patients want to enhance when it comes to their breast is the projection. In this video, I will give you an overview of breast implants with high projection.

Compared to others with forwarding or anterior dimensions, implants with high projection have a very small width. Implant projection is a critical factor that needs to be considered because even though implants are round for the most part, this is where the look of your breast will depend.

In most cases, implants with high projection provide a breast that looks full on the top. Achieving fullness on the top of their breasts is what most women want. However, this varies depending on the modification of the projection of the implant. If you desire to have a full looking breast, then you might want to consider choosing an implant with a high profile.

But of course, you must be open to the fact that a high-profile implant will give your breasts a more unnatural look. It varies from patient to patient as well.

But if it happens that the width of your breast is very wide because of your anatomy, know that I cannot place a high-profile implant. In this case, I typically use implants with high projection, as a high profile implant tends to compensate for the loss of fullness that occurs naturally once the implant settles. This technique will still give the patient a nice fullness on the top when the breast settles with time.







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