Breast lift: breast enhancement procedure after childbirth

Breast lift: breast enhancement procedure after childbirth

02nd Jun 2019


Most new mothers find it difficult to get back to the size and shape of the body they had before getting pregnant. For some, it is the struggle to lose weight that gives the most headaches while others managed to lose the baby weight but are still not happy with the appearance of their body after childbirth.

During pregnancy, the body is affected by different changes, both hormonal and in terms of weight gain. We often say that the two features of the body most affected by pregnancy are the tummy and the breasts, and this is the reason why plastic surgeons have even developed a package of procedures called the Mommy Makeover that includes the tummy tuck and breast lift, among other procedures.

The breast lift is commonly requested by women who had one or multiple pregnancies, and it is not necessarily because the breasts got saggy due to breastfeeding but because they were affected by the weight and hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy. After having big, sometimes rock-hard breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding, women don’t want to get back to having small, soft breasts. And this is why and when we need to resort to plastic surgery. The breast lift is a safe procedure, frequently performed on women of different ages. Moreover, the procedure can be performed with implants to give the breasts added volume, aside from a higher position on the chest wall. Most new mothers who used to have small breasts before getting pregnant choose to have the breast lift with implants to considerably improve the appearance of their breasts, both in terms of size and shape.

The breast lift is a very popular procedure among women who had one or multiple pregnancies. However, it is important to understand when would be a good time to schedule your procedure. Even after undergoing a breast lift, your breasts will be impacted by different factors that can cause breast sagginess again, so the recommendation is to get it done when you know you don’t want to get pregnant again in the future and your weight is stable. Ulterior weight fluctuations after the breast lift can alter the results, so make sure you put in the efforts to avoid this. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get pregnant again after the breast lift. The recommendation is to allow at least one year to pass from the breast lift surgery before getting pregnant again to make sure the breasts have recovered from the surgery.

The breast lift is a procedure that can restore the beauty of your breasts after childbirth practically overnight. The procedure has a short recovery period, but make sure you can take at least two weeks off from work after the breast lift. Moreover, make sure to allow at least eight months to a year to pass after breastfeeding has stopped before undergoing the breast lift procedure.

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