Building a relationship with the plastic surgeon

Building a relationship with the plastic surgeon

17th Oct 2019

Undergoing plastic surgery is a common practice nowadays for people who want to enhance their physical appearance by resorting to the talented hands of a board-certified plastic surgeon. However, few people are aware of the importance of building a relationship with the plastic surgeon before the procedure. Some patients tend to believe that the surgical act lasts for a few hours and this is the only contact they will have will the plastic surgeon. During this time the patient will be under the effects of the anesthesia, so why the need to create a relationship with the plastic surgeon? Because they don’t understand this idea, some patients are in a hurry to book the cheapest version available, an option that often includes travelling abroad to get the procedure done by an unknown plastic surgeon.

Building a relationship with the plastic surgeon is important not only for the success of the procedure but also to help you avoid complications. This relationship often is created during the pre-operative consultation and will last for a minimum of one year post-op or more, in the case of more complex plastic surgery procedures.

First, let see how often you will meet the plastic surgeon. The initial contact will be during the consultation during which the surgeon will perform a medical examination on the patient and take his or her measurements. The patient will be asked to discuss medical history, life habits and desires and expectations from the procedure. After this, the surgeon will recommend the optimal surgical plan and explain its details as well as the pros and cons. When the surgical plan is decided upon and agreed, the plastic surgeon will also talk about the preparation period so the patient gets a clear idea about what is expected of him before the procedure. After this is discussed, the surgeon will also bring into discussion the post-operative period, as well as the risks and complications that can occur after the procedure.

After the surgery, the patient can return home for the recovery period within hours. However, a follow-up consultation is scheduled for the next days following the procedure. The other follow-up consultations will take place one week, one month, three months, six months, nine months and a year after the procedure. This is the general recommendation; however, the follow-up consultations can be scheduled depending on the complications that can occur and how the healing is going. For example, if you are confronted with abnormal scarring, chances are you will see the plastic surgeon more often than a patient who has no complications after the procedure.

Building a strong relationship with the plastic surgeon based on trust and mutual respect is essential for the success of your procedure, and you should only go forward with the procedure if you feel you can really connect with your surgeon.

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