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Butt Augmentation Fat Transfer

Having a large and round behind is among the dreams of many women. In the world of cosmetic surgery, a new breakthrough is being the center of the women’s desires and whims. Also known as Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Cortes has even made this procedure better by using the technique of fat transfer for buttock augmentation.

This surgical intervention that aims to create a sexier and natural-looking bottom involves four major steps:

  1. Administration of anesthesia
  2. Fat extraction
  3. Fat processing
  4. Fat grafting

Even if it is an outpatient intervention, the patient is put under general anesthesia.  The surgeon will have to determine the fat donor areas and will use liposuction to harvest fat. There would be tiny incisions made in the abdomen, sides, flanks, thighs, and upper back. A tumescent solution will be used so that the surgeon will be able to remove the fats easily with the least possible blood loss and pain. Using a tiny hollow tube called a liposuction cannula, the excess fat cells are dislodged from the surrounding tissues using the back and forth motion.  A special syringe or a low-pressure suction pump will be used to remove them. The surgeon’s top priority is to remove the fat cells are alive and undamaged, if not all, at least the majority. The other donor areas will undergo the same procedure until there is enough amount of fat to be used in the next step. The length of this procedure varies depending on several factors.

The harvested fats will be purified they will be subjected to a decantation process. The goal is to separate the healthy and live fat cells from the fluids, damaged fat cells, and other impurities. The surgeon needs to inject fat cells with only the best quality to ensure a great result.

The purified fat cells will be injected into the buttocks using special needles. This is the final and the most critical part of this intervention. After surgery, you will immediately notice some marked improvement in your buttocks. There would be swelling and bruising during the recovery period and you can only see noticeable results after a few months.







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