Butt implant

Butt implant

14th Jul 2011

Butt Implant to enhance the body are very common nowadays in our society. The breast implant surgeries have risen 40% in the past decade. Statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery show that about 300,000 implants for breast augmentation were done in 2010. But what about butt implant? Butt augmentation is becoming very popular, and there are various options to enhance the buttocks.  There are currently butt implants on the market to increase the fullness of the butt. It is important to know there is a big difference between the silicone breast implants and the silicone butt implant. The butt implants are not like the breast silicone gel implants, which are soft and natural to the touch; instead, the silicone butt implants are hard, solid silicone. This means that the butt will feel harder to the touch. In addition, the butt implants will only increase the projection (fullness) on the central part of the buttocks but not on the sides. Many patients also require a better contour on the sides to blend nicely with the hips. This is very important because there are ethnic differences that dictate the different approaches for buttock enhancement. Moreover, studies of patients who have had butt implants have shown a 20% – 30% infection rate. Many often, when an implant gets infected, it needs to be removed to eliminate the infection.

In my practice in Houston, I prefer fat transfer to the buttock for various reasons. In the first place, it is more versatile and allows me to shape the butt any way I want. Secondly, the risk of infection is very low.  Finally, it definitely provides a better feel and more natural results.

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