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0 Comment February 14, 2015

Butt implant

In the past decade, buttock augmentation has grown increasingly popular especially to women with small and flat buttocks. This cosmetic surgery involves the use of butt implants that are usually made of silicone. As the hourglass shape dramatically becomes the dream figure of most women out there, it is not surprising that more and more patients are becoming interested to undergo this kind of buttock augmentation technique.

Because the modern definition of physical beauty requires voluminous and fuller buttocks, most patients choose the use of butt implants over the technique of fat transfer. This is because the implants come in different sizes that make it possible for a patient to select her desired roundness and projection.

Butt implants are made of solid silicone. There’s a very minimal risk that they would be subjected to rupture. As long as the surgery is performed properly, the patient’s body will accept and comfortably adjust to the implant. That’s why it is always a must to choose a surgeon that can do the job well to avoid implant dislocation or unnecessary scarring.







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