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Butt implants

When it comes to augmenting your buttock, your surgeon will present you two options, the buttock augmentation using fat transfer or the procedure that uses butt implants. It is important that you understand what both procedures entail.

Now let’s know more about butt implants. If you are fully aware and educated about your options, you’ll find it easy to make a decision. It is a must that you know what your aesthetic flaws in the butts are, and other factors, to know if using butt implants is the better option for you.

If you have the ultimate desire to add projection to your butt, then choosing buttock augmentation with butt implants is the better choice as butt implants come in a wide range of sizes, from very small to very large. This means that you will have more freedom choosing an ideal sized implant for your butt. You can go as big as you want but be sure to listen to the recommendation of your plastic surgeon. It is important that you discuss your goals and the recommended size with your surgeon as the implant size should balance your overall body profile and buttock dimension.

Instead of your own body fat, silicone butt implants would be used to increase the size of your behind. However, you must expect that the results of butt implants surgery will not be as natural-looking as the results of buttock augmentation using the fat transfer. If you are looking for a natural and safer result, you should go for the fat transfer surgery instead. One more thing to be considered is the scar. While your surgeon can try using special techniques to make sure the scars are hidden in the butt fold, you will still have scars nonetheless.







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