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0 Comment February 16, 2017

Buttock augmentation with Fat

When it comes to buttock enhancement, surgeons have two famous procedures ready for interested patients. First is the buttock augmentation that involves the use of butt implants while the other is the one that uses the technique of fat transfer.

Fat transfer technique is highly recommended for patients who want to achieve a natural looking result. Butt implants might give you the size you have always desired but the results are not as natural as when the surgeon used your own body fats for enhancement.

Liposuction is performed on the parts of your body with excess deposits of fats. But you can’t expect that the amount of fat harvested from your body will then be injected into your buttock for maximum projection. The fat needs to be processed first to ensure that there are no unnecessary elements that will affect their survival. The surgeon must use a special technique to ensure that the fats will be injected into the muscles where they would have the highest chance of survival.







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