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Buttock augmentation brazilian

There are several types of buttock augmentation and if you are planning to improve your buttocks, then you have to know which type of buttock augmentation will best suit you. To know which particular buttock augmentation is the best for you, you have to consider your own anatomy. This is because you cannot be a candidate in a certain procedure if you lack requirements. Thus, you have to be examined first by your surgeon before you undergo any surgical procedure.

 Are you aware of what a Brazilian buttock augmentation is? Do you know how this surgery is done? The Brazilian buttock augmentation is not only a fat injection procedure but it can also be used for fat removal. An experienced surgeon who performs Brazilian buttock augmentation on a routine basis knows this concept. In the mentioned procedure, different aesthetic units of the buttocks play a significant role in determining the final result. Many times, the lateral part needs to be liposuctioned, depending on the type of buttocks you have. Fat may also be injected depending if you need an hourglass shape or A-shaped buttocks.

In the projection of the buttocks, which is the central part, fat is injected in different areas, depending on the areas of deficiency that you might have. Many times, the inferior gluteal fold of the buttocks needs to be filled. The ischial area is a fat pad that is very thick with a lot of fibrous tissue. This area is extremely important because most patients have a deficiency in this area. Know that this area needs to be dissected bluntly to release the fascia that attaches to the bone. The area will then be filled with fat to provide round buttocks in the most inferior medial part. If you want to know more, you can have a further discussion with your surgeon.







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