Buttock augmentation for men and women

19th Nov 2018

Majority of the people who come to me for buttock augmentation are women. However, over the last several years, I have noticed a rise in the number of men seeking butt augmentation. In my opinion, aesthetic flaws in the butt affect the self-esteem of men in the same way as it affects women. Flatter or smaller buttocks will make you look unwelcoming, no matter if you are a man or woman.
There is this widely held myth that buttock augmentation is reserved only for women and that bigger and shapelier backsides are the signs of femininity. I have seen many men desire to make their butt fuller but avoid buttock augmentation just because of the misconceptions about the surgery.
If you are a man with flatter buttocks and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider undergoing the buttock augmentation surgery. I have performed buttock augmentation on many men, and the results have been effective, long lasting, and fantastic. My male patients look more masculine after butt augmentation surgery.
There is a need to understand that when the male butt lacks volume, it affects their overall body outline and masculinity. You should not feel embarrassed going under the knife to add volume to your backside. I recommend both the butt implant surgery and fat transfer to the buttocks for my male patients. Depending on the specific aesthetic problems in your butt and your goals, you can qualify for either of these procedures. However, to be a good candidate for fat transfer surgery, you need to have excess fat in your body that can be used as donor fat.
I recommend the butt implant surgery for male patients who have smaller buttocks and lack excess fat in their body to qualify for the fat transfer surgery. I usually perform buttock augmentation under general anesthesia; however, if you are not comfortable with that, I can do it under IV sedation and local anesthesia. For male patients, I do not recommend the use of large butt implants. Instead, you will be fine to go with small or medium butt implants. If you want to add mild projection and volume to your backside, you should consider getting fat transfer to the buttocks.

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