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Buttock augmentation implants surgery

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure which involves inserting an implant in the buttocks. The said surgery has been a popular procedure since most women prefer it when every time they want to enhance their body. If you are interested in the buttock augmentation procedure, you have to be aware of the three anatomical locations where the implant can be inserted during surgery. There is the location above the muscle, there is the location inside the muscle, and there is a location under the muscle. Among these three locations, the one that makes the most sense and the only one that many surgeons recommend is performing an insertion of the implant inside the muscle.

Dissection is done under direct vision and then the gluteal muscle is split in half where the implant is placed inside the muscle. This implant is a little bit firmer than other implants in other countries, meaning, the soft tissue coverage is of crucial importance to avoid the complication which is mentioned before. In essence, if somebody is going to perform a gluteal augmentation with implants, the other locations including the sub-fascia does not provide enough soft tissue coverage, and under submuscular plane is very risky because major structures like the nerves of the leg will cross under the muscle, particularly on the lower part of the buttock, creating problems with compression and pain, etc. Intramuscular placement of the implant is the best location for a successful surgery than any other, which has major limitations that will limit the shape of the buttock. However, it can be accomplished with an implant and at the same time, increases the complication rate.

You do not have to fear the complications that may arise because these can be avoided. You just have to follow the surgeon’s instructions. Remember, postoperative care plays a vital role in achieving the best results after surgery.













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