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Buttock augmentation surgery

Postoperative care is essential to ensure that the patient will attain the best results after the surgery has been performed. Regarding buttock augmentation surgery, one of the most important things for successful postoperative results is analyzing the buttocks prior to surgery. The buttocks have several aesthetic units. What defines the aesthetic line is the transition from one unit to the next. These are called the “aesthetic lines of the buttocks” because they create shadows which define the valleys and roundness of the buttock. Of all the aesthetic units, the ischial aesthetic unit is one of the most challenging. It is simply because this is the area that we sit on. Patients lose volume in this area and the superficial fascia connects through fibrous tissues to the bone, which make it a challenge when fat is injected to provide some bulk and roundness in this area.

Aside from the areas mentioned earlier, there is something called the inferior gluteal fold. The surgeon needs to pay attention to this area because many patients who are aging start to develop sagginess in this area, which looks like a banana roll. Correction of the banana roll is essential because if not, your butt is going to be round and then all of a sudden, it will have small sagging skin. Correcting inferior gluteal fold problems is performed with liposuction and fat injection and has to be precise, because if not done properly, then the buttocks will develop an area that is flat as it continues superiorly and will blend with a round behind. Understanding the aesthetic units of the buttocks is important for a good result. The patient needs to understand this so that it can be discussed with the surgeon who will perform the operation. Examining the body prior to surgery will be a good start.







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