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0 Comment February 16, 2017

Buttock augmentation with fat 2

When it comes to buttock augmentation, the intervention that uses the fat transfer technique is more challenging than using butt implants. This is because of the factors that are needed to be considered when it comes to the survival of the injected fat. Not because you see impressive results with other patients mean that you’ll end up with the same results as well. It is important that you understand that this kind of cosmetic surgery is very technique dependent.

In buttock augmentation, the surgeon will use your own fat that will be harvested using the liposuction method. Then the fat will be processed before they can be injected back into the areas that need projection. In my own practice, I believe that the less you do to the fat, the better.

There are surgeons that harvest fat and fail to remove the excess fluid that comes with it. It will cause a problem in the long run because once the fluid is reabsorbed it creates a less than satisfactory result. That is why before everything else, you must choose a surgeon who completely understands the concept of buttock augmentation and has already mastered the surgical techniques with time and experience.







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