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0 Comment February 16, 2017

Buttock augmentation with fat

When it comes to augmenting any part of your body using implants, how big the result will be is predictable. But if the surgeon will use another buttock augmentation procedure that is known as fat transfer, the result will depend on a number of factors.

Fat injection requires a more challenging surgical technique. This is because there are plenty of factors that need to be considered that are related to the survival of fat. The procedure entails the following:

First, the fat needs to be injected in different levels including inside and outside the muscle. In my practice, I choose to inject the fat inside the muscle because it has a higher blood supply with a recipient bed that is more suitable for long-term results. This also helps in minimizing the complications in the long run.

Fat transfer to the buttock is very technique-dependent and by this, it means that not every surgeon is going to get the same results. Just because one surgeon augmented the buttock with a good result that does not mean the surgeon next door will do the same job. Most surgeons will harvest the fat and not remove the fluid that comes with the fat, and the problem with that is initially your buttock is going to be of a significant volume but once the fluid is reabsorbed it creates a less than satisfactory result.







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