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Buttock implants surgery

There is a high possibility that some women who are planning to have buttock implants do not know that there are several types of buttock implants. This is because most of them consider the anatomical shape whereas the round shape also exists. Little do they know that most buttocks require significant projection in the central part. Buttocks do not have a teardrop shape but there is an exception especially if you are getting old and your butt is saggy. One problem with the anatomical buttocks implant is creating a pocket that fits precisely, because if the implants either flip sideways or up and down, then you are going to notice a significant change in your buttock shape.

On the other hand, round implant rotates and the shape will be the same because the round implants are symmetric. One possible indication of an anatomical shape implant will be a patient that has some sort of deficiency in the trochanteric area or any other part of the buttocks prior to surgery. If during your physical exam, it is determined that the inferior part of the buttocks is less prominent than the top of the buttocks, then anatomical shape implants make sense because it will not provide significant fullness on the top while increasing the fullness at the bottom part of the buttock.

It would be better to combine a buttock implant with fat transfer regardless because most patients have asymmetries that the implant itself will not correct. Combining fat transfer with a round implant will not only provide you projection, but also the hourglass shape that you need. If you are planning to have a butt implant, you have to be aware of the types of the implant and you should be open-minded regarding what type of implant will best suit your body.







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