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0 Comment February 14, 2015

Buttock implants

Among the top concerns of the patients who want to undergo buttock augmentation when they come to my clinic is their safety. Because there is plenty of risks and complications that are associated with buttock implants, most of them just decide that they don’t want the surgery anymore. But it is important to ask a Board certified surgeon first in order for you to differentiate the facts from the popular misconceptions.

In reality, buttock implants are just as safe as breast implants, especially those that are made in the United States. They are made of solid silicone material which eliminates the chance of experiencing capsular contracture. Even if the buttock implants are punctured, they will not deflate that easily. Buttock implants are also known for their consistency. The buttock implants alone are considered safe and stable. Just make sure that you choose a plastic surgeon that has years of experience in augmenting the buttocks using implants as the intervention requires very challenging techniques.







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